7 day forecast

Here is a 7 day forecast:

New England:
Today: Mild. Clear skies with only a few scattered clouds. High 45.
Tomorrow: Mild. Am clouds Pm sun. High 40
Tuesday: Much colder with highs around 20. Colder in the North and the Mountains. Sunny area wide.
Wednesday: Even colder. Highs in the teens at the coast and around 10 inland. Sunny across the region.
Thursday: Sunny. Temps rebounding into the mid 20s. Sunny.
Friday: Warmer. Highs around freezing. Mostly cloudy.
Saturday Same temps as Friday. Mostly cloudy as well.

Mid Atlantic:
Today: Mild. Around 70 for a high northward to DC-Baltimore. 50s elsewhere except for a few upper 40s in the far NW. Clear
Tomorrow: Upper 40s N to DC-Baltimore. upper 30s elsewhere. Cloudy in the West a few breaks in the clouds east. Chance for a light snow shower in the far NW.
Colder. Highs in the mid 30s N to DC-Baltimore. 20s elsewhere. Snow showers for the North with snow showers wrapping south at the coast south to Delaware.
30s N to southern New Jersey upper 20s elsewhere. Partly cloudy.
Thursday: Upper 40s for VA beach and Delaware. 30s and lower 40s elsewhere. Partly cloudy in the North. Clear in the south.
Lower 50s N to DC-Baltimore. lower 40s for New Jersey and upper 30s elsewhere. Clear.
60s for Virginia. upper 40s and lower 50s elsewhere. Cloudy in the far North and Partly cloudy elsewhere.

Stay tuned!


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