Back To Warmth…

…for now.

Hello everyone!

I’ve been off dealing with some family things the past few days but things are beginning to clear up enough for some more forecasting so here we go. Today will feature cloudy skies along with increasing temps and gradually rainier conditions. Precip has already begun for some areas in the north in the form of snow but any flakes will be short-lived unfortunately as warm air rushes in from the south. Look for all areas to be seeing rain by this evening. Rain will continue overnight before coming to an end early tomorrow morning. Highs today will range from 35 in the far north to 50 in SW NH.


2 thoughts on “Back To Warmth…”

  1. Jack, FF (family first). as much as I look forward-to/enjoy/use your forecast(s) – FF. You’re blog provides/carries a ton of community service/load, tyvm. But leave us, the community & world @ large, in outer orbits. Make time/take care of yourself, your family, your friends and neighbors – and (only) then, us folk, if/as time/circumstances permit.
    regards from Maine’s White Mountains,

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