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Want to let me know what you think of the blog, give some feedback or talk weather? You can reach me via email:, twitter: @jacksillin, or drop a note in the comments section below.


9 thoughts on “Get In Touch”

  1. Dear Jack, my wife and I enjoyed the talk you gave last Friday at the Etz Chaim Synagogue in Portland. We both came away better informed about weather forecasting and convinced you have a bright future.
    So I have become a follower of your blog.
    Good luck!

  2. Jack your forecasts are superb. Your charts and graphics really make storm forecasts. Many thanks from this lifelong weather geek, the old physics professor.

  3. Hi Jack, I enjoy your southern Maine forecasts but have not been receiving the daily reports any longer. How do I re-subscribe? Thanks, mary Tousignant

    1. Re-entering your email into the subscribe box on the sidebar should work. If it doesn’t, let me know. Apologies for the delayed response, I just returned from a family vacation to the Catskills.

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Reliably hype-free weather info for Western Maine and New Hampshire from amateur forecaster Jack Sillin

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