Heat and Humidity Encroach Today

Hello everyone!

A tragically hot and humid airmass will be encroaching on our area today as a warm front doggedly staggers northeast. Defending our right to exist in a sweat-free state should we choose will be easterly onshore breezes and a thick stratus deck. As I write this a little before 8 AM, defensive lines have been drawn along the spine of the Green and White mountains with thick low clouds firmly entrenched to the east. As the day goes on, the low cloud deck will come under fire from the strong May sunshine and developing southwesterly breezes. As a result, most of New Hampshire and a good part of northwestern Maine will be firmly under enemy control by the afternoon while southeasterly breezes keep the good times rolling along the coast. High temperatures will range from the low 90s in the CT and Merrimack valleys to the low 50s along the shoreline especially closer to Penobscot Bay. Clouds will hang tougher along the coast and east of Augusta while western areas see widespread sunshine after the morning fog burns off.

Some showers and thunderstorms are possible in the mountains this afternoon as activity from upstream in Quebec moves southeast. The most likely time for storms will be after 5 PM. We’re seeing a very unusual plume of thunderstorm rocket fuel (technical term) move across the area today thanks to rapidly cooling temperatures with height in the middle of the atmosphere. As a result, thunderstorms this evening could pack quite a punch. Be ready for frequent lightning, strong winds, and hail. A tornado can’t even be ruled out entirely. Storms are likely to remain mostly north of Route 2 with the odds getting rapidly slimmer farther southeast.


One thought on “Heat and Humidity Encroach Today”

  1. Hi Jack! We love your posts and your fabulous writing! Words like “encroach” and “under enemy control” are perfect. I share your hatred of the hot muggies. Thanks so much for your very accurate and entertaining forecasts! You should be on TV.

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