The Next Few Days + A Note On July

Hello everyone!

After a phenomenal several days hiking in the Alps, I’m back to the internet now. Because a connection strong enough to download the data I need to make a good forecast has been hard to come by, and may continue to be sparse for the rest of my trip, I’ve decided it’s probably easiest to plan on not posting until I get back to the states 7/24. For those currently supporting me on Patreon, I’ve found a way to pause that for the month since it would be wrong to charge for a service I’m unable to provide at this time. I’ll resume posting as usual on 7/24.

Before I head off on the next leg of the trip up to Germany, I’ll leave you all with a quick look at the next few days. If you want, continue scrolling down for a look at some of the pictures from this past week’s adventures.

Wednesday 7/3: Fair weather and seasonably warm temps around 80 in the mountains and 90 in Southern NH. Slightly cooler along the immediate coast.

Thursday 7/4: Basically the same as today but warmer. 85 in the mountains, low 90’s for most of the area away from the coast. Still calm/mostly sunny as high pressure meanders overhead. All clear for fireworks and other outdoor festivities.

Friday 7/5: Still mostly sunny and dry. Warmer again, mid-high 80’s for the mountains, low-mid 90’s for everyone else not on the coast. A couple SW NH spots may run into the upper 90’s. A sea breeze will bring afternoon relief to the shorelines.

Saturday 7/6: Cloudier as a cold front approaches. Expect afternoon/evening showers and thunderstorms. If enough sunshine develops in the morning to allow for building instability, some of these storms may be strong/severe. Clouds and storms will keep temps down a bit to 75 in the north and 85-90 in the south. As always, it’ll be a bit cooler near the water.

Fair weather returns Sunday and looks to continue into the first part of next week with temps near or a little above average.

Some pictures from the past week are below for those who might enjoy them.

A view of le Grand Balcon Nord, one of our alpine traverses in Chamonix
Mountaineers ascending Aguille du Midi (sadly it wasn’t us this time)
The Aguille du Midi cable car ascending in front of the Glacier des Bossons
Stopped by a bear’s house above the Col de Balme near Vallorcine. No bears appeared to be home at the time of our visit
Met a lizard overlooking the trail to Croix de Fer
Descending from Croix de Fer
Traversing snowfields near Col de Balme
Found a small glacial erratic-to-be in le Mer de Glace
The foot of the Glacier des Bossons

It’s been an amazing trip so far, and there’s much more to come! I’ll put some more pictures up here when I get back.

Have a great July everyone, and thanks for all your continued support of my little forecasting project and interest in Maine’s weather.


Slightly Unsettled But Overall Not Bad Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature weather that’s not quite picture-perfect, but still won’t be all that bad. Expect low clouds and fog in place along the coastal plain this morning to slowly give way to partial sunshine this afternoon. Farther inland, more sunshine is expected, which will result in both warmer temps and a better chance of a brief shower as a weak front approaches the area this afternoon. High temps will range from the low 70’s along the coast to the low 80’s in southern NH.

If you’re not a fan of the weather in Maine, it got up to 96 here in Chamonix yesterday. It could always be worse! Thankfully there’s no shortage of natural air conditioning from the glaciers and their chilly runoff streams.


Another Nice Day Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature more nice weather as a ridge of high pressure slips across the region. Expect mostly sunny skies and pleasant temps ranging from around 70 along the coast and in the mountains to a little above 80 in Southern NH and adjacent parts of SW ME.

There’s not a whole lot else to say about today’s weather, so I’ll leave with a picture from yesterday here in Switzerland where the sunset wasn’t visible directly from my perspective, but was reflected on the mountains high above resulting in an awesome phenomenon known as Alpenglow.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!


Quieter Weather Today

Hello everyone!

My apologies for the lapse in updates the past few days, I finally found some time to take a vacation across the pond where cell data is expensive and WiFi is sometimes hard to come by. I’ll put some pictures up in the next few days, it’s gorgeous over here!

As for the weather in Maine, it will be much quieter today compared to yesterday’s thunderstorms. Look for mostly sunny skies this morning with just a few clouds popping up due to daytime heating this afternoon. One or two of those clouds might produce a brief sprinkle in northeastern parts of the area, but otherwise we’ll be mostly dry. Highs will be pleasantly warm for most, ranging from 75 in the mountains and along the coast to a bit above 80 inland.


Stagnant Conditions Expected Today

Hello everyone!

Looking at the various maps this morning, stagnant is the best word I could find to describe the state of our atmosphere today. We’re in a bit of a dead spot as winds are almost calm through about 15,000 feet in elevation. Mount Washington’s peak wind speed since midnight is a whopping 11 mph. The current reading as of 6:30 AM is 2.8 mph. That’s impressive for up there!

All that to say, nothing will be happening quickly as far as weather goes today. There’s an abundance of fog, some of it quite dense, blanketing the coastal plain this morning. It will slowly burn off starting at the NW edge. Plenty of sunshine is visible across the foothills and mountains this morning, which will slowly be replaced by more clouds as daytime heating generates some instability. A very weak cold front will slowly approach the region from the northwest this afternoon, and will likely provide the impetus for some developing showers and thunderstorms in NW regions later this afternoon/evening. The storms will be in no hurry to move southeast, and thus should stay relatively confined. Without upper level winds, no severe weather is expected.

High temps today will range from 60 along the coastline to 70 in the mountains to 75 or 80 for the foothills in between.


A Bit Cloudier But Still Nice Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature somewhat more cloudiness as low pressure tracks through Southern New England, but we’ll be far enough north to avoid most of the rain so overall it shouldn’t be too bad of a day. The thickest clouds will be found in the south today, while patchy sunshine can be expected farther north. A brief shower or two may drift across the MA/NH border this afternoon, but they shouldn’t make it past Route 101.

Farther north, developing onshore flow combined with increasing moisture ahead of that low pressure system will push some low clouds and fog into the Midcoast later this afternoon. Other than that, most of the region will be cloudy but dry. High temps today will range from 60 along the Midcoast shorelines to 65 in the mountains to 75 near Augusta and Waterville.


Back To The Nice Weather Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature a return to nicer weather as yesterday’s storm system moves east of Nova Scotia. Expect patchy morning fog in some of the valleys to clear out quickly in the next few hours, with full sunshine for the rest of the day. Temps will range from 65 in the north and along the coast to 80 in southern NH and adjacent parts of SW ME. No precip is expected anywhere in the region today. Enjoy the lovely weather!


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