Snow/rain friday with mid to upper 60’s tuesday.

After a long period of being stuck under my little high pressure bubble, there’s finally something to write about. This is a storm system approaching from the west that will bring rain and snow for the coast with mostly snow inland. My thinking is that there will be enought cold air to support snow region wide at the start of the event with most areas picking up a solid inch or two. This will be a very heavy, wet snow with sleet mixing in everywhere. After not a long period of time, snow will turn to a bitter cold rain at the coast especially south of Portland and the midcoast. These are the 2 areas that always favor mixing due to proximity to the water. By midday friday I tihnk everyone from about the coast to 15-20 miles inland will turn to rain while areas further inland and the mountains get more snow. I think it is possible there will be a quick shot of snow on the back side of this system for everyone though this should not drop more than a coating or an inch at best. When all is said and done, the mountains should see 4-8″ of wet snow while the foothills will see closer to 2-4″ and the coast 20-30 miles north of Portland will see 1-2″ while the coast south of Portland should see little to no accumulation.

On the other side of this system, high pressure will move just to our east with a warm return flow providing tems near 70 for many areas on tuesday. Sunny skies with mild temps will become the theme for next week with high pressure in control.