Storm update as of 9:45 10.30.11

The last snowflakes are falling and we are over with this storm and the totals are beginning to come in.

Some totals so far:

Snow Totals (as of 7:30AM, snow winding down)

Portland (N.Deering)….6.5″
Augusta 4.5″
S. Berwick….9.0″
Chatham, NH…..5.5″

Around New England

Plainfield, MA…..27.8″
Shelburne, MA….21.9″
Hillsboro, NH…..21.5″
Bristol, CT….17.0″
Chester, MA….16″
Boston, MA….2.0″

Peak Wind Gust: Nantucket 68 MPH at 3:27AM

Stay tuned!


Last update for the night

As of 8 we still have snow falling and it does appear that it will stay that way. Getting some good banding and convection. I expect that I will wake up to a MONSTER storm raging outside.

As of 8 almost 2,500,000 homes and businesses were without power and it has JUST begun. The worst snow and wind are yet to come.

Snow prediction amounts are rising with a grand total of a foot or more.

Below are some snow amounts and forecasts.


Forecasts are measured in inches

Hartford CT 8-12

Portland ME 8-12

Concord NH 8-12

Worcester MA 8-12

Boston MA 3-5

Poughkeepsie NY 9-13

TOTALS are reaching one foot in the Berkshires and the worst is yet to come.

Stay tuned


Storm update as of 6:15

As of 6:15 the snow was starting to get into Freeport ME and is picking up in intensity.

I am sort of suspicious that it MIGHT not turn to rain and stay snow… but that is only a possibility and we will have to see.

As far as snow amounts I am raising my forecast to 7-11″ to include the no-rain changeover possobility.

Wind forecasts have stayed the same.

Stay tuned