Andrea approaching the region

Post tropical storm Andrea is racing up the East Coast bringing with her a heavy rain/flood threat along with high winds.

RAIN: Rain is already affecting the area now

northeast_loop radar 1
Rain in CT will peak in the next hour or so with a heavy band currently moving through NYC. MA: Rain peaking 6:30-8:00 with the same band moving north through NYC/CT. NH (southern) Rain peaking between 8:00 and 9:00. ME (southern) Rain peaking between 9:00 and 10:30. All rain will continue through saturday morning with clearing SW to NE. Last to clear will will be eastern and coastal ME.

WIND: Winds will increase across the region tonight peaking when the strong band of rain moves through as this will be when the low-level-jet stream winds are able to mix down closer to the surface. Winds will be highest along the coast peaking near 40 mph. Lesser winds near 20 mph will be prominent inland.

SURGE: The storm surge will be tiny this time around near 2-3 feet. I don’t expect any surge related issues this time around.

Sunday and Monday will be clearer however clouds and rain showers will return Monday evening through Wednesday with clearing Thursday.


Andrea to bring heavy rain to northeast US

TS Andrea a 60 mph storm in the Gulf is moving northward today and will likely make landfall tonight just north of Tampa. She will be moving very quickly reaching the mid atlantic coast by tomorrow midday. Heavy bands of rain will overspread the area Friday in southern New England and Friday evening in northern New England. See graphics for more details…

Todays graphic

Tomorrows graphic

Tomorrows Night’s graphic

Saturday’s graphic

Clouds and rain showers will stick around through early next week here in ME… The sun will return later next week.