Hello everyone!

Despite my best efforts, sometimes posts get technical and lots of geeky language is thrown around. Here I have assembled a list of some of the weather terms I use most often as well as their abbreviations I may use in posts. As the winter goes on, I will add terms that come up and feel free to suggest terms in the comment section below.

I have included terms not only that I may use but terms you may come across in other’s weather discussions. Most of the acronyms are found in the NWS Area Forecast Discussions which are awesome if you have some sort of knowledge of the atmosphere.

The definitions are all my own, which I have amassed over time by reading the NWS AFD’s and looking at the NWS glossary as well as looking at the AMS glossary. In addition to my own research, I have been fortunate enough to talk to many experienced meteorologists who have taught me the meaning of various terms.


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