Snowy side to Monday storm

As many already know by now that a major storm will be affecting the eastern part of the US. As we are in april, this storm will be primarily rain but there wil be a snowy side hitting western PA and far SW NY. Also impacting West Virginia to a lesser degree. Amounts will be in the 1′ range. The snow will be sticky and heavy sticking to trees and power lines. This alone will damage trees bringing down power lines. But Mother nature will not stop there, ensuring a cataclysmic power outage event; there will be 40 mph winds helping to ruin trees and power lines alike.

Stormy monday

The second half of the weekend will be rough for many along the eastern seaboard as a storm rumbles north from the Gulf of Mexico. Boston will see peak activity during the evening sunday and Maine will bear the brunt of the storm monday morning. Coastal ME and Southern New England will see winds of up to 55 mph. All of New England and the Mid Atlantic wil get up to 4″ of rain. This will come in heavy downpours accompanied by strong and gusty winds. Significant travel delays are likely. 

Stay safe!


Warm up late week

After a record setting week in March, April cooled off but still some pleasant weather to come. Temps will hover near the 50 mark Tuesday and wednesday with mid 50s Thursday and friday. The weekend will feature temps near the 60 mark. There is a slight chance of precip Wednesday but otherwise partly cloudy.

Stay tuned!