Refreshing Canadian Air Arrives Today

Hello everyone!

Fantastic weather is on the docket today as Canadian air reclaims its rightful place in New England. Look for breezy north-northwesterly winds to push cooler and drier air into the region today. Satellite imagery this morning shows a bit less cloud cover than guidance expected. The morning looks more sunny than cloudy across most of the area with the exception of some cirrostratus near Mt Washington and a bit of stratocumulus northeast of Jackman. A modest surge of mid-level moisture this afternoon may support some more widespread mid/upper-level clouds for the latter half of the day. High temperatures today look delightful, ranging from around 60 in the mountains to the low 70s along the southern coast. The northerly breezes should do a pretty good job keeping sea breezes at bay, though winds may turn onshore in southern York County as well as along the southern Midcoast peninsulas.


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