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I’m Jack Sillin, freshman at NYA, snow-lover, enjoyer of the outdoors, and of course, weather geek. My passion for weather began several years ago when I was about six years old on a series of long plane trips while watching countless hours of The Weather Channel. My skills have evolved rapidly in the past few years from excitedly refreshing the radar on the local TV weather page (I’m still guilty of that from time to time…) to waking early to analyze complex charts and graphs every day to produce a forecast. I’m hoping to pursue a career in the NWS someday. Aside from the weather, I’m a big skier and lover of all things cold and snow. I also like to do many other outdoor activities such as hiking and fishing when the snow is no longer around. I can be reached through twitter @JackSillin and via email at

Storm update #1

As I look at the radar I see that this storm is already very well formed with a nearly constant precipitation shield and some definite spin in the lower levels. This system is very moisture laden and will produce heavy precipitation. The tricky part is weather this precipitation will fall as rain, freezing rain, sleet, or snow. We will continue to monitor the forecasts and tweak the forecast.

Stay tuned!