Storm update

The snowy storm expected to hit thursday night is amounting to something. The snow will accumulate to >1″ at the coast with 1-3 in the Maine foot hills and 2-4 on the upslope sides of many maine and New Hampshire. The storm forecasts for sunday are still being tuned. At this point we can expect some rain and wind at this point we can not tell how much.

stay tuned


Tropical trouble

The tropics are up to no good again. The only named storm in the atlantic basin is hurricane Rina with 105 mph winds however I think that this is very conservative and it is more likely at cat 3 status with 115 mph winds. Also in the atlantic basin is an area of disturbed weather (97L) the nhc is saying that it has a 20% chance I would put the odds slightly higher at 30%.

Stormy week

Well Just as I have started to experiment with this blog I will have a lot to talk about. There was a cold front that passed through last night and will be touching off some brisk NW winds. This will cool things off. That is step 1 in the sequence of unsettled weather. Step 2 includes a strong low passing to the south of New England on thursday into thursday night. With the cold air in place from the front yesterday we very well might get some snow late thursday/thursday night. Step 3 includes a direct hit from a very powerful storm possibly with tropical origins on sunday but this is really far out so we will have to keep fine-tuning the forecast.

Stay tuned


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