Last update for the night

As of 8 we still have snow falling and it does appear that it will stay that way. Getting some good banding and convection. I expect that I will wake up to a MONSTER storm raging outside.

As of 8 almost 2,500,000 homes and businesses were without power and it has JUST begun. The worst snow and wind are yet to come.

Snow prediction amounts are rising with a grand total of a foot or more.

Below are some snow amounts and forecasts.


Forecasts are measured in inches

Hartford CT 8-12

Portland ME 8-12

Concord NH 8-12

Worcester MA 8-12

Boston MA 3-5

Poughkeepsie NY 9-13

TOTALS are reaching one foot in the Berkshires and the worst is yet to come.

Stay tuned


Storm update as of 6:15

As of 6:15 the snow was starting to get into Freeport ME and is picking up in intensity.

I am sort of suspicious that it MIGHT not turn to rain and stay snow… but that is only a possibility and we will have to see.

As far as snow amounts I am raising my forecast to 7-11″ to include the no-rain changeover possobility.

Wind forecasts have stayed the same.

Stay tuned


Storm update as of 4:45 pm EDT 10.29.11

As of quarter to 5 the precip. has reached portland ME and at Wells BEACH it is snowing, showing that the snow is working it’s way toward the coast.

Also just issued by the NWS a HURRICANE FORCE WIND WARNING FOR THE WATERS IN THE MID TO OUTER GULF OF MAINE this means that winds winds of 75 mph or greater will affect the waters there.

All other forecasts have not changed.

Stay tuned


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