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Full update on winter storms

We are now on a wild roller coaster ride when it comes to the weather in the North East. A low pressure system is moving out of the Great Lakes and will be transferring its energy to a secondary low off the NJ coast.

noreaster 12


Graphic overview of storms.

As you can see, there are many factors playing into the forecast. The coastal front, the new low, cold air damming. Cold air damming is when  the heavy cold air stops the advance of Warm air. Where exactly the cold air dam sets up will play a big part in the type of precipitation. The coastal front will play an equally important part on determining precipitation types. As shown, the east winds off the warm water will bring in warmer air. This will turn snow/sleet/freezing rain into all rain. Expect this to move inland Monday-tuesday.

After the coastal front moves inland, Wednesday will already be here as will another storm. This new storm will be MUCH stronger.

noreaster 13


This graphic depicts the setup Monday-Wednesday. The coastal front from tonight will move way inland turning everyone except the ski resorts over to plain rain. The wednesday low will move swiftly through the Gulf of Maine and into the Canadian Maritimes. On the backside of this system the cold air will make a comeback turning everyone back over to snow Wednesday evening-night. Accumulations should be light.

After we get the Monday and Wednesday storms out of the way, there will be yet another low Friday. This is a little too far out to accurately forecast so I will detail that in a later Post coming Wednesday-Thursday.


Advisory 1 on new Nor’easter

Less than a week after signing off from historic Sandy, I am back on with a new storm and new situation. This WILL NOT be another Sandy! I can not stress this enough. This storm will likely bottom out at 985mb. This is a measure of barometric pressure. Sandy was 945mb. Sandy was a hurricane while this will be a typical nor’easter.

This storm will be affecting Florida on election day likely causing some voters to stay home but that is another issue. The storm will come up the coast Wednesday affecting the mid-Atlantic areas. The storm will bring winds of 40-50mph winds and a surge of 2-5′ rainfall totals of 2″ will be common. This will not be a major storm though its impacts will be more damaging due to the fact that Sandy weakened our defenses both physical (seawalls, dunes) and socially (our red cross and other agencies like FEMA are already very busy with Sandy damage and power crews still face more than 1 million outages). This will just add insult to injury after a historic Sandy. Thursday the storm will stall off of the Jersey coast and slowly weaken as it moves to the NE thursday night.

Snowfall is the tricky part to the forecast. There will be accumulating snow in the Catskills and the Whites with amounts possibly reaching a foot in the favored upslope regions. NJ, DE, and Eastern PA will see wet flakes though amours will be minor and uncirten


Warm up late week

After a record setting week in March, April cooled off but still some pleasant weather to come. Temps will hover near the 50 mark Tuesday and wednesday with mid 50s Thursday and friday. The weekend will feature temps near the 60 mark. There is a slight chance of precip Wednesday but otherwise partly cloudy.

Stay tuned!


Wild temps while little precip

WILD March temperatures with readings peaking over 80 on sunday and a still mild start to the week.Temps Thursday will peak well into the 80s in some inland spots with low 80s at the coast. 70s Tuesday and Wednesday with sun all the way through the week. Friday will feature temps in the 70s.

Stay Tuned!


Cool start to the week warmer temps by thursday

A cold front swept through last night leaving up to 5″ in the heavy snow bands. This will allow for high pressure and colder temperatures to dominate Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday the high will shift offshore bringing a warm flow with rebounding temps. 50s Wednesday and 60 thursday.

Stay tuned!


Thursday snow

Wednesday – Wednesday night – Thursday – Thursday night will show us some winter here where last Fridays storm left us out. The farther south in ME you go the more snow you will get. 1′ is expected south of Auburn with 6″ towards Augusta and 1-3″ anywhere north of that.

A warm front will move north starting precip Wednesday. This front will stall and still produce precip while a upper trough (still binging precip) that will stall as well (still bringing precip) will trigger a secondary low that will partially stall (still bringing precip though this precip will be heavy) and rapidly develop bringing heavy precip. Next, adding to the cauldron of meteorological developments piling up almost as fast as the snow; another upper trough ( still bringing heavy snow) will nudge the existing upper trough, the warm front, and the coastal low into motion. A third upper level trough and a cold front will continue the snow into early Friday morning.

Stay tuned!


Precipitation on Thursday type is still unclear

We are tracking some temperature swings with highs tomorrow in the lower 40s in the south and coast while highs in the upper 30s inland, in the north, and in the mountains. On Wednesday, high temps will reach freezing in most spots with below freezing temps north of Portland-Manchester-Syracuse-Buffalo. Thursday  will feature rain anywhere along the 95 corridor. Mix is expected within about a 30 mile radius north and west of 95. snow can be expected north and west of the mix/snow line. The mid atlantic will experience an all rain event.

Stay tuned as we fine tune the forecast!!