Settling into a quieter next week…

Storms #1 and #2 are long gone now with #3 getting going now over the mid west. This new storm named Draco by TWC will produce blizzard conditions across the midwest with some severe weather on the south side. This storm will continue to deepen as it moves east tomorrow. Totals for Des Moines/Madison should be in the 6-12″ range with 8-14″ possible for the Green Bay area. On Friday the storm should be in the Great Lakes region bringing rain to the I-95 corridor. The ski country of Northwest ME, Northern NH, and northern VT will get more snow. Totals are approacking 3 FEET at Saddleback and Sugarloaf. Power conditions will be widespread on all the big slopes. As for the more populated areas of NYC, Boston, DC, this one will be all rain. I dont see too much to encourage snow for the I-95 corridor within the next week. There is still all of January and February and of course we cant forget March…


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