Gradual warming trend as super-storm in the North Atlantic prepares to spin into the record books

After the extreme cold blast last week, temps will slowly warm until tuesday when a warm front skyrockets temps well into the 30s for northern ME, 40s for mid/southern ME, NH, and MA with 50s+ southward. After this warmup, a cold front will drive temps down to below average levels similar to this past week. Next weeks cold will not be as bad as last weeks partly due to lighter winds. The cold will last through the weekend before slightly moderating at the end of the forecast period. No blockbuster snowstorms are in sight. However there will be a powerful low moving NE out of the Great Lakes mid week that will bring rain to the northeast as well as the midwest.
Meanwhile, in the North Atlantic, there is an ultra powerful low pressure area that rapidly deepened yesterday and is approaching record territory. I expect the low to deepen to around 925mb or close to that.
Here are some other notable North Atlantic extratropical cyclones:
921.1 mb (27.20”) on Feb. 5, 1870 measured by the ship Neier at 49°N 26°W (another ship in the area measured 925.5 mb)
924 mb (27.28”) on Feb. 4, 1824 at Reykjavik, Iceland (the lowest on land measured pressure in the North Atlantic)
925.5 mb (27.33”) on Dec. 4, 1929 by the SS Westpool somewhere in the Atlantic (exact location unknown)
925.6 mb (27.33”) on Jan. 26, 1884 at Ochtertyre, Perthshire, U.K. (the lowest pressure recorded on land in the U.K.)
Data courtesy of weather underground’s weather historian Christopher Burt.

natl superstorm 1
Here is this mornings satellite image of the storm named Jolle be Berlin University.

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