Temps warm as SW flow takes over

Hello everyone!

Today will feature Mostly cloudy skies across the region as a weak warm front crosses the area and brings more clouds and warmer temps. As you head out the door this morning, you will find the temperature to be several degrees warmer than Sunday’s high temperature. Current temps are in the 60’s now and for that reason, we should have not problem reaching 70 today across most areas even without the help of the sun.

Today is the debut of the new graphics I have been working on however the operational functionality is still being tweaked. I expect to do two 7 day forecasts one for northern areas and one for southern.

7 day 10-14

Here is the 7 day for the region. If you think the temps are a little vague, I expect that doing two forecasts for the region should help.Today 10-14

Here is a more detailed look at today. I expect this to replace the map feature soon.

Tuesday morning forecast map 10-14

Here is the map feature for the new geographical area.

Here is a recap from Yesterday on the new area I will focus on for forecasting this fall and likely beyond.

I have always been a little vague in terms of which areas I have been forecasting for. With the addition of the map feature, I have narrowed things down to New England. This fall, I will narrow things down even more to the NWS WFO’s of Gray and Boston.

Sillin WFO



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