Wild wet and windy today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature a glum day two of our coastal storm which is still barely developed. Yes, over an inch of rain has already fallen in some areas and the storm hasn’t even formed yet. Today the storm begins its strengthening and as a result, the rain gets heavier and the winds stronger. Expect 20-25mph sustained winds with gusts exceeding 30 mph. As far as temps go, they will have to work HARD to get above 50 today in Portland. I don’t think the mountains make it to 50 and stay in the upper 40’s. Southern New England will make it comfortably into the 50’s.

today 10-22

We’re still on track for a widespread two to four inches but upwards of five inches could fall in one of three “bullseye” areas.bullseye areas

The three areas highlighted in green are where 5+ inches of rain could fall.

The rain is starting out light this morning but expect it to pick up as the day goes on. Tonight will be a wet one for sure as the storm pushes band after band onshore. Tomorrow morning looks similar but rain should taper off tomorrow afternoon.

Expect a repeat of today tomorrow with showers still hanging around on Friday.


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