Heavy rain and wind this morning

Hello everyone!

Today will feature day three out of the four-day nor’easter saga. Winds  are blowing hard this morning across the area with storm warnings up for the waters. No wind advisories are up for the coast but with the winds out there now, wind advisory or not, prepare for scattered power outages. 1,300 CMP customers are without power across southern Maine.

today 10-23

Here is the radar image from 5:30 this morning. I’ve marked off in the red lines the heaviest band of rain. Inside this band, storms are moving roughly west to east while the whole “train” of storms is slowly lifting north. This feature will affect us in the mid to late morning hours. Expect even higher winds in this band as heavy ran tends to mix strong winds aloft down to the surface. Thunder is a good bet as well then the band rolls through.

Rain will be steadiest and heaviest this morning through early afternoon before tapering to showers. Showers are likely tomorrow morning before moving out all together tomorrow afternoon.

forecast map 10-23


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