Second snowstorm of the season to give ski areas decent snow

Hello everyone!

Things are shaping up for a decent storm to hit the area starting tonight and heading into tomorrow. Since I am out of the country right now and without my computer, I will sadly not be able to make any snow graphics. My thinking for totals is that the high peaks especially north of route 2 get 6-10″. High peaks south of route 2 get 4-8″ while the low country south of route 2, east of 302 and west of 26 while at the same time being north of 11 (I know, not having maps is hard) will likely get 2-4″. Everyone else besides the coastal plain gets a coating to 2″. Precip will wind down tomorrow midday. Temps tomorrow will top out in the 40’s for everyone south of Route 302/11 and in the 30’s north of there.

I’ll try to have another update tomorrow but no guarantees. Normal day-to-day operations start again Wednesday


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