Getting much colder today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature a dramatic cool off as last night’s cold front moves off to the east. High temps for the calendar day can be predicted with 100% accuracy since they happened at 12:01am. Even during peak heating today, temps will continue to drop. Looking at current observations across the area, temps are in the 30’s for most except for RI and eastern MA. Temps will fall through the 40’s there then fall through the 30’s and so on until we reach our low temp for the day at about 11:59 pm.

In terms of cloud cover today, expect general clearing west to east except for the mountains, especially in NH,  due to lake effect moisture being squeezed out over 4-5,000 foot peaks. Leftover mid-level moisture will struggle to leave the region in part due to the lake effect so expect some mid-level clouds to be hanging about at least through early afternoon. Clearing is expected to be complete by later on tonight, after the sun goes down.

today 11-18

A couple other things to watch out for this morning, winds and black ice. Winds today will be gusting near 40mph at times today as we source our winds so to speak from about 6,000 feet. The other thing to be careful of this morning will be black ice. We had quite a bit of rain yesterday and with temps below freezing for everyone but the cape and RI, all the puddles, wet spots etc. from yesterday will not be frozen into ice. be extra careful as you step out the door this morning and allow a little more time for your commute.


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