Complex Winter Storm Moves In Today

Hello everyone!

Today will be an interesting one region wide as our storm moves in. Expect light wintery precip across Maine and New Hampshire this morning with some light accumulations possible. Heavier precip moves in tonight, mainly in the form of rain, before wrapping up Monday morning as snow for some mountain areas.

This Morning

South of Route 2 and away from the immediate coast, the dominant precip type this morning will be freezing drizzle.  A trace of ice is likely and a freezing rain advisory has been issued. Thankfully for the major ski areas in Maine (Sunday River, Saddleback, and Sugarloaf), this morning’s precip will be mostly in the form of snow with up to 2″ possible. A strong coastal front will keep the coast out of the woods for the freezing rain threat as temps will rapidly warm there once the front moves inland slightly.

As for Southern New England, far western MA and CT could see some freezing drizzle that could accumulate to a trace or so and areas away from the coast could see road temps lag enough for some slick spots this morning. Bottom line: travel will not be treacherous but could be slick in spots this morning. The freezing drizzle/snow does not arrive in Maine until after 9AM or so while SNE starts the fun a little earlier.

This afternoon

Light and somewhat scattered precip this morning will give way to steadier precip by this afternoon. Again, location will be the key for precip type as the coastal front begins to collapse westward. By around 4 this afternoon, the rain line should be near Paris extending back toward Lewiston and will be rapidly moving NW. Freezing drizzle and snow will continue in the mountains through the afternoon. Heavier precip will begin across southern New England and move NE this afternoon reaching Maine between 4 and 9PM depending on location.

This evening

Heavy rain for almost everyone tonight with the exception of far NW NH. SE winds will become very strong at the coast and could gust over 40 mph at times this evening. Since the low will track basically right over the NH/ME line, NW NH will remain on the cold side of the storm so all snow and sleet is expected there. A general .75-1.5″ of rain is likely with some of the hillier foothills possibly seeing 2″. 3-6″ of snow and sleet is likely for the parts of NH that stay all snow/sleet with 1-3″ for the rest of the ME mountains. With warm air flooding in at the surface, the higher peaks will stand the best chance for seeing snow.

Tomorrow morning

As the low moves NE and strengthens, the cold air will again collapse, this time to the SE and will race the dry slot to change the foothills back to snow before the precip ends. In the mountains, especially the western mountains, the cold air will have no problem beating the dry air and an additional 1-3″ is likely for the ME mountains. Keep in mind, over an inch of rain will have fallen since the last 1-3″ this morning so 6″+ is unlikely for most Maine areas. The summits of Sugarloaf and Saddleback could be the exceptions as their elevation will put them above several warm layers today.

All precip will come to an end by tomorrow afternoon as strong west winds bring in dry air. Westerly winds will be very strong both Monday and Tuesday gusting at times over 40mph due to intense cold air advection. As a result of the cold air advection, falling temps can be expected Monday with highs occurring in the morning hours. Temps will already be cold Tuesday and will rebound some but will still be falling most of the day.


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