Snow Moving Out This Morning, Warmer Temps Follow For This Afternoon

Hello everyone!

Today will be an interesting one for sure as our storm pulls away. This morning expect clouds with a few lingering flurries mainly over Midcoast Maine as well as York County. Any leftover snow activity should be moving out in the next hour or two so the digging out can begin. Temps this morning are mild by comparison to previous weeks, 10’s inland and 20’s elsewhere with even a few 30’s showing up along the immediate coast!

Temps will warm even more today as a cold front comes through. Let’s just say the airmass behind the front isn’t all that cold… What the front does is basically slices and dices the cold airmass that is in place this morning so that it can move out of the way (notice the warm air that tried to work in last night was met with little success). As a result, temps will rise into the 30’s for everyone with readings near 40 along the coast!

For Portland, today will likely mark the first day since January 5th that the temperature has been at or above average.

radar 2-22
NWS Radar Image Showing Snow Moving Out This Morning

Our mild temps today do not last as another cold front moves through this evening. Winds will pick up tonight as the cold air moves in and we go back to the bitter cold. Our next chance for snow arrives Wednesday and it looks to be in the form of snow showers or maybe even light snow.


5 thoughts on “Snow Moving Out This Morning, Warmer Temps Follow For This Afternoon”

  1. Do you really mean that today will be the first warmer than normal day since January 5th? Portland NOAA shows a number of warmer than normal days in January, the latest on the 30th. Nice blog and great article in today’s Press Herald.

      1. Hi Jack,
        We are talking about different averages. You reference the average high temperature. I was talking about the average temperature for the day, which we last exceeded on January 30th. So, we were both right! Either way, it’s been cold for a long time and it looks like we will easily set the record for the coldest February on record in Portland. This is the link I use:


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