Bitter Cold Today, More Snow Arrives Tomorrow

Hello everyone!

It’s really cold out this morning. No, really cold. Temps everywhere are below zero, even at the coast. Most areas, except for the outer islands and peninsulas are in the double digits below zero and 20 below is not uncommon region wide this morning. The good news is that the wind has died down so at least we won’t have to worry too much about wind chill. Regardless, bundle up if you must venture out this morning.

Temps will continue to drop until a little after 7 and will then rise swiftly as the high sun angle contributes to more effective heating. Some mid and upper level clouds will move in this afternoon and some coastal areas could see a low cloud deck move in as well later in the day but otherwise, another bright and blue one region wide today.

current temps

One interesting little note on our temp map this morning (off NWS’s Enhanced Data Display) are the numerous, very sharp inversions. Inversions are very shallow warm layers that basically lock away patches of air at the surface and temporarily prevent them from being influenced by the rest of the atmosphere. There are several great examples of that this morning.

Wiscasset (the -21 reading in the red circle) sits at an elevation of 53 feet while Nobleboro (the -9 reading in the red circle) sits at 126 feet. While they aren’t far apart (just 10 miles) and aren’t drastically different in elevation (a mere 73 feet), the subtle differences of their locations and especially elevations have made an enormous difference in their temps this morning. Go up in elevation just a little bit and you may find it’s quite a bit warmer this morning.

More snow is coming in tomorrow though it will be mainly light. More details in posts to come.


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