More Clouds Today As Storm Misses South

Hello everyone!

If you need something to cheer you up on yet another bitterly cold morning, a sizeable storm missed us. The storm that brought snow and ice to the deep south will be passing by well offshore and the only impacts we will see will be an increase in clouds especially over southern areas. Areas SE of Boston will get in on some snow accumulating 1-3″. Temps will be cold but not frigid, in the 10’s up north with 20’s south.

6Z RGEM Model Showing A Storm Missing To Our South This Afternoon. Credit: Weatherbell

Clouds clear out tonight as the storm moves away and sunny but cold conditions look to make a return for tomorrow and into the weekend.

No significant storms are on the horizon as of now but no significant warmups are either.



One thought on “More Clouds Today As Storm Misses South”

  1. How exciting, Jack – You are going to the Weather Channel Headquarters in Atlanta! Maybe you will receive an honorary Weather Channel jacket with the LL Bean logo on the right side, considering you are from Maine.

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