Calm And Cold Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature another quiet day in the weather world making this day number three in a row without accumulating snow. The last time this happened was January 20-23! Expect a bitter cold start this morning, where winds have gone calm temps are below zero, and where a light breeze still blows, single digits are widespread.

Once again this morning, we are seeing some very sharp temperature differences caused not by inversions, but very localized changes in wind conditions. Where winds have gone calm, temps have dropped significantly below zero. Where a light breeze still blows, temps are much warmer. Take a look at a few observations from this morning.

radiational cooling


Here is a look at region-wide temps this morning. I have circled some of the sharpest couplets in purple as well as the blue and red examples.

radiational cooling 2

Here is the sharpest contrast I could find this morning. The difference between the two locations, approximately 10 miles at nearly the same elevation. The one difference? One station has a 3mph breeze while the other is completely calm.

Temps rebound very quickly this morning as the sun comes up bringing highs into the 10’s up north and 20’s in the south under light NW breezes. Some high clouds are possible by evening across western sections but clear conditions should last throughout the daylight hours today.

Snow makes a return tomorrow evening, I’ll have details in another post tonight.


5 thoughts on “Calm And Cold Today”

  1. ok Jack – so I am loving your posts, but this one is counterintuitive. All my life I have heard of wind chills making it feel colder, but you make it sound like wind makes it warmer…… confused in Lincoln.

    1. I am talking about actual temps not wind chills. Wind keeps actual temps warmer while making wind chills colder. The difference is the actual temp is what the thermometer reads and the wind chill is what your skin feels.

  2. Good morning Jack: I would like to receive your daily reports please. And congratulations on your upcoming trip to the Weather Channel in Atlanta!! My son lives there, a great city! Sincerely yours, Marilyn

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