Increasing Clouds Today As Yet Another Storm Approaches

Hello everyone!

Today will feature increasing clouds in advance of our next storm system approaching from the west. Expect sun this morning with clouds rolling in during the lunchtime hours. Highs today will range from the low 20’s up north to near 30 in the south. Snow should wait until the late evening hours before moving into Maine though SW NH could see flakes as early as 3 or 4 this afternoon.

snow map 3-3

Here is my thinking as to snow accumulations for this event. Watch out for a little ice in southern areas as above freezing air moves in aloft but the deep snowpack keeps the cold locked in at the surface. Warm air does look to move in at the surface down in the Boston area before the precip shuts off so watch for a period of heavy rain tonight which could cause some localized street flooding given all the snow on the ground.

No other storms are in sight as of now.


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