Warmer Today As Spring Arrives In A More Practical Sense

Hello everyone!

Today will feature sunny skies, warmer temps (for most), and some gusty winds too. A cold front passed through last night and cold air advection is beginning to ramp up way above our heads but temps will actually climb today for the coast and foothills as the mixing behind the cold front allows for sunshine and with the high sun angle of April, temps will shoot right up today into the 50’s for most, 40’s in the mountains.  Some clouds will also show up in the mountains as some weak upsloping sets up though no precip is expected there. We should get a nice cumulus field for the first time this spring downwind of the mountains so watch for some nice puffy clouds later in the day. Winds will also be gusty behind the front with gusts over 30mph at times especially in the mountains.

Tomorrow we see sunny and 60’s (except maybe at the coast where a sea breeze is likely). The pattern has changed, everyone. Welcome to spring.


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