A Note On Warm Season Updates

Hello everyone!

The active weather season is winding down here in Maine and as you may have noticed, blog updates are winding down accordingly. As summer approaches, I will be quieting the blog for a few months while I finish up school and track then head out to the woods for seven weeks to hike from Katahdin to the NH border. I’m stoked for this awesome adventure, but it does mean I will be away from the computer for a while so I will be unable to provide updates.

During the next few months, I encourage everyone to stay tuned to the NWS in Gray as well as local media for weather updates and I will be back intermittently between now and June 21st then again from August 10th to September 7th. September 8th means the start of the next school year and thus regular morning updates. The countdown to next winter is on!

Thanks for your continued support and understanding,


15 thoughts on “A Note On Warm Season Updates”

  1. Thank you – your forecasts have been accurate, concise, enthusiastic and most enjoyable – you’ve helped me appreciate the weather no matter what it was. Best wishes for a wonderful summer!

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