Heavy Rain And Wind Moves In Tonight

Hello everyone!

Today will feature the arrival of our storm system that I have talked about for a few days now. We start off nice and chilly this morning with some breaks of sun before clouds finish overspreading the area later this morning.

HRRR Model IDEA Of How Rain Will Overspread The Area Tonight. I Believe This Model May Be An Hour Or Two Early In Terms Of Precip Arrival. Credit: Weatherbell

Winds increase along with clouds today out of the east shifting south-east and becoming quite strong by evening. Rain will approach the region arriving in western areas around 3-4 PM and eastern areas closer to 6 PM. The worst conditions will arrive around midnight tonight with heavy rain and high winds peaking through 7 AM or so. Wind gusts to 60mph are totally in play for coastal areas, the farther east you go up the coast the more likely you are to see that type of wind. Winds will be lesser inland but will quickly increase again with elevation especially above 1-2 thousand feet. A general 1-1.5″ of rain is likely with more in the favored SE upslope areas.

I’ll have another update as the storm starts up this evening.


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