A Moderate Rain Event Tonight/Tomorrow Morning

Hello everyone!

A quick update this evening on tonight’s upcoming rain event.

A pretty straightforward forecast this evening as a cold front is moving in from the west. Expect rain to spread across the area west to east in the next few hours with steadier and heavier rain arriving after midnight and lasting through midmorning tomorrow. A general .75-1.5″ is likely with a bit more in the favorable upslope areas up to 2 or so inches. Winds will likely be gusty as well much more so east  with gusts along the coast north of Portland likely reaching the 25-30mph range with lesser gusts inland.

Rain and wind winds down tomorrow afternoon with some clearing expected as well. I’ll have more details on the rest of tomorrow’s forecast tomorrow morning.

On a slightly different note, this upcoming week is Thanksgiving vacation for me so while I’ll still have updates, they may appear slightly later in the morning. Also, the three weeks between Thanksgiving vacation and Christmas vacation are a notorious end of the semester academic pinch point so while morning updates should remain unaffected, there will likely not be enough time in the evening for an update should inclement weather be moving in. If there is indeed any major storm, I’ll have evening updates but other than that, I’ll stick to morning updates until January. Thank you very much for your continued support, it means a lot!


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