Mainly Cloudy, Cool, And A Chance Of Snow Today

Hello everyone!

A weird update schedule today as I wanted to get a quick update out there this morning for today but also wanted to go into more detail on tonight’s storm. Therefore, I’ll have this update and then another one later this morning or at some point this afternoon with full details on tonight’s snow event.

A mainly cloudy day is expected today as one area of low pressure moves by to our north and another to our east. The one to our north is bringing some light freezing rain/snow to northern areas this morning but that should be moving out in the next few hours.

The bigger story will be the low to our east which is moving up the coast and looks to bring some rain changing to snow over coastal and eastern areas this afternoon. Rain should move onto the immediate coast (east of route 1) south of Portland by 1 or so this afternoon spreading up the coast and remaining mostly east of I-95 through the evening. Rain does look to change to snow at some point this evening, I’ll have another update with more details on that later today as well as the first snow map of the 2015-2016 season.


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