Our First Mixed Precip Mess Today

Hello everyone!

Every precip type under the sun (except hail, it’s not hailing anywhere this morning, that’s sleet!) can be found somewhere in Western Maine this morning. We have snow in the north, sleet and freezing rain in the foothills, and rain in the south. Don’t forget some graupel (clumped together snowflake balls) just north of the sleet mix line. Snow will continue in the far north and rain in the south as the forecast from yesterday remains on track. Sleet will slowly work its way north today but should remain mostly SW of Route 27 as low pressure moves over northern areas. All and all, the forecast from last night remains on track. a good 4-8″ is expected for the far north with a mix of all precip types in the foothills/western mountains and rain in the south. Rain will move east out of the area following a cold front tonight. Temps today will depend on location: upper 20’s to low 30’s north, low to mid 30’s in the foothills, and mid to upper 30’s in the south.

I’ll be back this evening with a full update on Tuesday’s storm. I’ll also be on twitter today with updates more frequently @JackSillin.


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