Cold, Windy, And For Some Snowy Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature mainly cloudy skies, cold temps, high winds, and snow as winter finally shows up in a real capacity at least for a couple days. Look for highs today to struggle into the single digits above zero north and the 10’s south late morning before dropping below zero area-wide tonight. Lows tonight will be dangerously cold with actual temps of 15 to 25 below north and 5 to 15 below south teaming up with 25mph NW winds to create downright dangerous wind chills. Wind chills in the mountains will range from -30 to -50 (colder at elevation, the summits above 4,000 feet willl see even more extreme wind chills) while the coast and foothills see wind chills ranging from -20 to -40.

Across the midcoast, things get really interesting today as a Norlun trough develops. 6-10″ of snow is likely wherever it sets up and thumps though it remains to be seen exactly where that is. I went into detail about the forecast and also about how Norlun troughs work in my blog post last evening which includes my snowfall forecast. Farther west, snow showers and flurries are possible today but accumulation will remain under an inch with the exception of the mountains where a few inches of upslope are possible.

I’ll have more updates on the cold tonight and a messy storm threat for midweek this evening.


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