A Day Of High Contrast

Hello everyone!

Today will feature some wild changes in weather both at the same time across distance and at the same place across time. This morning falls into the former category as we have basically every precip type conceivable falling from the sky somewhere in the area. Snow is falling up north, a mix is impacting the foothills, and the coast is enjoying rain. This will continue for the next few hours before precip quickly sweeps east.

HRRR Showing How Precip Evolves Today. Credit: Weatherbell
HRRR Showing How Precip Evolves Today. Credit: Weatherbell

Then, the weather will change rapidly over time. In the mountains, there won’t be that impressive a change. Winds will become gusty out of the west and near freezing temps will begin to drop. Upslope snow showers are possible with minor accumulation in the high terrain.  As you get towards the coast, things will change in a hurry this afternoon. As winds turn north-westerly, cold air will flood into the region. Temps will fall from near 50 this morning to below freezing by evening. This will result in a rapid re-freeze of any puddles left over from this morning’s rain and thus icy spots are likely for the PM commute.

A late week storm will pass offshore with few impacts Friday. A couple weak disturbances will move through with rain/snow showers this weekend into early next week before things begin to warm up rapidly heading into late next week/next weekend.


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