A Cold And Showery Day

Hello everyone!

Today will feature rain for most as low pressure develops offshore. Look for steady to heavy rain beginning in the next hour across southern areas. Rain will spread north and east this morning with everyone seeing some precip by around noon. The coast will see the heaviest rain which could amount to over an inch by the time all is said and done. Winds could become breezy out of the E/NE today as well leading to a raw feel to things. Top it all off with temps in the 40’s and today looks much more like the Maine Marches we know and love. Farther north, things get a little more interesting. Temps are below freezing as cold air remains entrenched. Winds are already turning NE as coastal low pressure exerts its influence more than the inland low. As this happens and winds turn more northerly, cold air will be drawn south out of Canada to reinforce existing cold air. Winds in Fryeburg this hour are already out of the north and most of NH is reporting N/NE winds. Add to that a little dynamic cooling as some heavier precip moves in, and we will likely be looking at a flip back to snow later this morning/this afternoon. Accumulations will likely be light, in the coating-2″ range, but that combined with last night’s snow combined with this morning’s sleet/freezing rain will lead to slick roads throughout the day today mainly north of route 2.

Another round of snow/sleet is likely mid/late week. More details on that tomorrow.


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