The Calm Before The Maybe Storm

Hello everyone!

Today will feature increasing clouds, cool temps, light northerly winds, and lots of confusion for meteorologists as our next storm approaches. The first ingredient for snow is cold air and that’s the ingredient we got Friday. It will make its presence felt today as highs struggle into the mid to upper 20’s north and low to mid 30’s south. Snow should hold off until late tonight but clouds will be spreading north throughout the day.

In terms of our storm, nothing big has changed from last night’s thoughts. Guidance has unanimously indicated overnight that more snow may be in store but it’s hard to say at the moment if that’s fully true. As I mentioned in last night’s update, the forecast hinges on how quickly energy diving SE across Canada (currently approaching Lake Superior) can get here to pull the storm west. 500mb analysis also paints a similar picture. Based on that, there is reason to think that guidance pointing to a little more snow may indeed be correct. 6″ of snow is not out of the question along all immediate coastal areas and a Winter Storm Watch is up for the immediate coast due to the threat for 6″ or more of snow. The Midcoast still looks to take home the biggest trophy with 8″ of snow possible there. I’ll have a full update this evening.


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