An Icy Day Today

Hello everyone!

Cold air has blasted a bit farther south than expected and persistent freezing drizzle last night has created icy conditions region wide, including the coast. Winds are out of the north for everyone and everything will continue to be slick until those winds shift. Use caution this morning while driving to work/school. Many schools are either closed or delayed this morning so check with local media to see if you’ve been given a break today. Highs will depend hugely on if the cold can get scoured out. If it can, temps rise into the 40’s/low 50’s. If if can’t, we’re stuck at 32 all day. My bets are on the cold air sticking. Heavier precip moves in mid morning and could help to warm things up a bit but for now, I think temps for most away from the immediate coast are stuck near 32 until late this afternoon when a cold front can mix out the low level cold.


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