Still No Sign Of Spring This Week

Hello everyone!

No time for a detailed update but I just wanted to give a quick sense as to the changes in the forecast from yesterday’s update. These changes mainly have to do with confidence around the late week rainmaker and the pattern heading into next weekend. The theme? Spring in Maine comes in May, not April.

4-4 Graphic 1

Here’s the overview off the 12Z GFS. Look for trends not specifics especially towards the end of the forecast period. The rain event late week increasingly looks to be exclusively a Thursday affair with some snow associated with the warm front Wednesday night. The daytime showers I mentioned yesterday are probably a Friday thing before a coastal storm spins up somewhere to our SE Saturday. As with all coastal storms 5 days out, we have little idea where exactly it will go. Current guidance brings light to moderate snow to much of the area. A shift east means little or no snow, a shift west means heavy snow or even some rain possibly. The general trend in temps will be for more cold tomorrow followed by a brief warmup heading into Thursday. Temps cool off slowly but steadily heading into next weekend.


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