Hazy Hot And Humid Today

Hello everyone! 

The first dog day of summer is underway as a massive upper level ridge builds overhead. Look for highs in the low to mid 90’s inland with mid to upper 80’s in the far north and along the coast. Dewpoints will be in the 60’s area wide leading to even higher heat indices. All this heat and humidity will be creating some instability which can be harnessed by any sort of trigger. Currently a weak cold front/old outflow boundary dropping south and the sea breeze boundary that will be pushing north are our best shots for that storm trigger. Terrain will also help in this regard and thus everyone is at risk for a pop up shower or storm. There is no organized upper level support for storms today so they will remain scattered and pop up in nature. Keep an eye to the sky today.

4km NAM Showing One Idea As To How Storms Evolve This Afternoon. Image Credit: COD NEXLAB app
Note on the 4km NAM simulated radar the scattered and hit or miss nature of the storms. We have plenty of gasoline but no spark so to speak which means severe weather is unlikely today and not everyone will see thunder.

If anyone’s at the WMC track meet today at Lake Region feel free to say hi. I’ll be the uncomfortable looking one by the discus or under the orange tent.  

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