Cooler With The Chance For Showers And Storms Today

Hello everyone!

As sad as I am to see my annual Catskill vacation over, it does mean I can get back to doing what I love. Right on que, we have weather today that is something other than 75 and sunny.

A backdoor cold front is situated across the area currently with an extremely warm and unstable airmass in front of it and a cool, stable airmass behind it. Strong storms are forecast to develop along the front this afternoon with lightning and heavy rain being the main threats. This appears most likely in SW NH and most of the area, especially NE of Portland, appears to be mainly dry today. The one small drawback will be the low clouds, drizzle, and fog that we typically get in an onshore flow pattern. Highs will be much cooler today for most with 60’s and low 70’s common. The exception will be SW NH where some 80’s are likely this morning before the front arrives.

While I was away this week I was named ‘Best Meteorologist’ by Downeast Magazine as part of their best of Maine list. While it certainly was super fun and exciting to be recognized in such a way, I want to remind folks I’m not actually a meteorologist which has the following definition according to the AMS (American Meteorological Society).Screenshot_34

I have yet to take a formal class in meteorology or atmospheric science which is why I always point you to the NWS and local media during severe weather when weather information is needed for important decision making. I also want to quickly mention that I wouldn’t be where I am now if the local pro meteorologists weren’t as nice and generous as they are. I’ve learned so much of what I know from talking with them and I could think of a long list of folks more deserving of this award.

Thanks for all your continued support, it means a lot.


6 thoughts on “Cooler With The Chance For Showers And Storms Today”

  1. DE was right!! Your skill as a meteorologist is amazing – we rely on your forecasts. You always get it right – thank you! Maybe someday we’ll see you on TV…the next Joe Cupo?? We can hope…..

  2. What’s the outlook for 7-10 a.m. on Saturday? We have a group of young folks coming to run the shipyard half marathon in the old port.

    Your award from DE reflects your self taught talent and engaging wit and energy. There are several newscasters on local media who aren’t official meteorologists either…and they are getting paid!

    1. Saturday looks about perfect for running in Portland. Look for cloudy skies, cool temps, a light onshore breeze, and possibly some showers. Heavy rain looks to arrive later in the day but at the moment it looks like that’s mostly an afternoon deal. That could change though should the storm arrive a little earlier.

  3. Once you take the test you probably won’t be just the best meteorologist in Maine. Your forecasts are consistently more accurate and detailed than local media. Keep up the good work.

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