Brighter And Breezier Today

Hello everyone!

7:30 AM Observations Showing Today's Weather Pattern
7:30 AM Observations Showing Today’s Weather Pattern

Today will feature breezy NW winds which will result in an upslope/downslope pattern setting up across the region. Deep low level moisture remains across the entire area which is fueling a few leftover upslope showers across the mountains this morning. A drier airmass lurks to our NW across Southern Canada and as that drier air works in, both the upslope clouds and showers will slowly evaporate leaving mainly sunny skies for all by evening. Highs will range from the low 70’s under the clouds in the mountains to the mid 80’s under the sun along the coast. NW winds could get breezy at times with gusts to 25 mph possible. These winds will keep any sea breeze at bay.

I’ll have more on the chance for isolated showers tomorrow as well as another look at the threat for heavy rain in this afternoon’s update.

Just as a reminder, I’ll be speaking at the Freeport Community Library at 6:30 this evening about Maine weather and a couple of other weather-related topics such as weather apps and what you can do to help meteorologists make better forecasts. For more info, check out the FB event page the folks at the library set up. I hope to see you there!


2 thoughts on “Brighter And Breezier Today”

  1. Hello Jack,

    I appreciate your sharing your review of conditions in the area [Portland] and the information you provide which is interesting,

    Question: I moved last fall to an apartment beside Back Cove in Portland and I thought I would be able to get away with sea breezes and floor fans in living room and bedroom [that’s it]. However, I am an older, heavy man and these last few weeks, while not debilitating or harmful in any way, were nevertheless uncomfortable for us [two cats]. Of course, I can understand it would have been worse inland.

    My question: Is the uncomfortable weather [82+ w/ humidity] going to continue for a while or just a week or so? I am thinking of getting air conditioners but would just as soon wait for winter price reductions, lol. [I comfortable financially so that is not a concern].

    If you have time to consider this situation it would be greatly appreciated.

    In any event, keep the reports coming…

    Harvey J Putterbaugh

    1. Hi Harvey,
      It looks like we’re done with prolonged oppressive heat/humidity for this year. That doesn’t mean we won’t get a day or two here or there with temps >80 and dew points >65 but in terms of temps >90 and dew points >70, we likely won’t get that again for more than a few hours at most until next summer. I think it’s probably safe to wait, you could probably get a pretty good deal if you buy in the winter! Hope that helps and best of luck beating the last remnants of the heat this fall.

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