Cool But Cloudier Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature a mix of sun and clouds with the cloudy side of that battle eventually winning by evening. S/SE winds will slowly strengthen through the day to 15-20 mph by sunset. These winds will bring in cool, humid air off the water. With humid air from the south going over our cold Maine waters, fog will likely develop and move inland this afternoon and especially this evening. Elsewhere, morning sunny spots will give way to overcast skies by sunset as the front nears. Any showers though should wait until after 10 or 11 at night. They will move west to east and be heaviest in the north. More details on the rain tonight in this afternoon/evening’s post. Highs today will be cool with most areas between 70 and 80. Some low 80’s are possible in southern NH.

For the latest information on the tropics, please check out the new tropical weather page which features official NHC forecasts, my forecast, and links to find other helpful tropical weather information.


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