Cooler, Drier, And Breezier Today

Hello everyone!

Showers are moving rapidly ENE this morning and as of 7 AM are only still going over the midcoast. By 9 AM or so, all should be dry. NW winds will set up the classic upslope/downslope pattern where the mountains see clouds and possibly a shower or two through the mid afternoon hours while the coast sees sunny skies. Temps will range from the mid to upper 60’s in the mountains and in eastern areas to the mid to upper 70’s over SW areas. NW winds will be gusty today with gusts 25-30 mph at times. Winds will settle down this evening setting up strong radiational cooling for tonight. By tomorrow morning, temps will be in the 40’s for most places with a few low 50’s along the coast. Fall is coming! Humidity will also be near rock bottom which will contribute to awesome feeling weather both today and tomorrow.

A look ahead at a very uneventful week in weather as well as another update on the tropics will come this evening.


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