More Cool And Dreary Weather Today

Hello everyone!

Our stretch of less than stellar weather will continue today as weak areas of low pressure swirl around. Look for cloudy skies and drizzle along with light rain and snow depending on location. The mountains will see morning light snow tapering to flurries and possibly freezing drizzle as ice crystals are removed from the snow producing layer aloft. The layer will resaturate this evening and light snow is expected to begin again around dinnertime. Temps in the mountains will remain mostly below freezing. At the coast, morning drizzle and fog will give way to afternoon rain showers. Highs along the coast will be in the mid to upper 30’s, possibly touching 40 along the midcoast. Inland areas will see morning flurries give way to afternoon rain showers as temps warm above freezing.

HRRR Model Idea Of Precip Evolution Today. Credit: Weatherbell
HRRR Model Idea Of Precip Evolution Today. Credit: Weatherbell

Here’s one interpretation of how precip evolves today. I think this model underestimates a moderate cold air damming signature today and thus is too quick to warm the mountains above freezing but otherwise I think it gives a good idea of the transition from morning light, mainly frozen, precip to afternoon steady, mainly liquid, precip.

A developing nor’easter will rumble by offshore tomorrow and will brush the area with some light rain changing to snow as cold air moves in. At this time, it looks like that storm will be too far offshore to bring any significant impacts.

As a quick side note, in case you missed the winter forecast I posted last week, you should check it out now to get an idea of what this winter may look like. The pattern we’re seeing now is already fitting into the idea I posted there!



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