A Sunny And Seasonable Day Gives Way To Snow Tonight

Hello everyone!

Today will feature mainly sunny skies in the morning giving way to overcast by this afternoon. Temps will range from freezing along the coast to the low 20’s up in the mountains. Any residual wind gusts from last night are long gone this morning and calm winds are expected to become light out of the S/SW this afternoon as our next system approaches.

That system will be in clipper form and will arrive tonight. Expect snow to break out across the mountains late this afternoon arriving along the southern/eastern coastlines by this evening. By the time NYE festivities are well underway at 10 or 11, snow will be falling across the entire area with potentially a few raindrops mixing in along the shorelines south of Portland and the tips of the Midcoast peninsulas.

A coastal front will set up tonight near the coast (remember how easy those are to forecast from Thursday night?) and will enhance precipitation along the coast as well as determine who gets rain and who gets snow. At the moment, it looks like everyone will get snow except the shorelines south of Portland and perhaps the midcoast peninsulas. Snow will move out around dawn Sunday.

In terms of accumulations, look for a general 1-3″ with two jackpot areas of 3-6″. One of those will be the mountains where upsloping effects will wring out more moisture and the other will be the midcoast away from the immediate shore down to interior Casco Bay/Brunswick where coastal front enhancement will bring more moisture and more lift into the equation.

Our next system appears to be a messy/icy one for Tuesday.