Cold And Windy Today With A Side Of Snow Squalls

Hello everyone!

A few days ago, I talked about how the weather this week would feel a lot like the tundra, that cold, dry, windy landscape just south of the Arctic. We’ve had some cold, not a whole lot of snow, and some wind but nothing truly tundra worthy yet. That will change in a hurry today.

Look for a mix of sun and clouds today with more sun than clouds along the coast and more clouds than sun in the mountains. Winds will be quite gusty out of the NW as yesterday’s storm moves out to sea and drags in cold air behind it. Gusts to 30mph will make things feel even chillier than they are, and actual temps will  be pretty chilly. Highs will range from 0 in the far north and at elevation to a whopping 15 along the coast. Wind chills will be well below zero for everyone involved and by the time actual temps dive into the -10’s in the mountains tonight, wind chills could approach -30. Bundle up!

We enjoy this Arctic airmass for a few days before a brief warmup associated with a storm passing to our west on Wednesday. This will likely involve some snow, sleet, freezing rain, and rain depending on location.


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