Cool But Not Cold Today

Hello everyone!

Last week’s torchfest appears to have caught up to itself and the large scale pattern has about 1-1.5 weeks left to support warmth before comeback time can begin. In the meantime, as is almost always the case in Maine, a sneaky backdoor cold front will thwart any attempts to get much above 35 or so. That front will pass without incident tonight and by tomorrow morning, a high Arctic high will be locked in over NE Canada while low pressure tries to press up the Ohio Valley. This will result in some snow, more on that in a later update hopefully tonight.

As for today’s weather, look for more of the same. Skies will be mainly clear, temps will be cool but not frigid, and nothing will fall from the sky (at least no precipitation, can’t guarantee all those icicles stay where they are). Look for temps in the mid 20’s north and low to mid 30’s south. Some clouds could filter into the area by this evening as that front discussed above drifts closer.


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