Light Snow For Many Today

Hello everyone!

Today will feature cloudy skies along with light to occasionally moderate snow. Low pressure dragged its feet in developing south of Cape Cod last night so snowfall totals are going to be on the lower side of the forecast but roads are still slick nonetheless. Snow will taper to flurries and then move out of the mountains this morning and areas NE of Lewiston will likely also fall in that same boat. The foothills will keep things rolling for another few hours but it’s the coast that’s going to see the most snow today as maritime air laden with moisture hrrr_2017011808_ref_15min_neng-1

Here’s the HRRR model showing how precip dissipates for most except the immediate coast by mid day. While the model shows mainly dry conditions across inland areas today, I would be prepared for areas of freezing drizzle which will create continued slick travel conditions. More snow is expected tonight with a general coating-2″ expected. More is possible in the favored upslope areas in the mountains.

Temps today will range from the low 20’s in the mountains to the mid 30’s along the York County coastline.


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